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Flipkart Training

E-commerce Flipkart Training

Devweb Technology have launched a Flipkart training academy Rajkot for skill training. We will provide relevant site training and knowledge to help create a skill and supply chain operations talent. The training program under our academy will involve 14 days of online/offline training and 36 days of on‐the‐job or offline training of Flipkart and other e‐commerce sites. E-commerce Flipkart training compamy Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Our goal is India has faster growth and anyone, not the unemployed, so we can E-commerce training and services provided. Top E-commerce Flipkart training India.

Devweb Technology is at developing the necessary skills improve in candidates to enhance employability and become a businessman. Having created one of the most Specialist modern supply chains. There is an urgent need to develop the skill gaps. Flipkart E-commerce training course. Our offline training program is Rajkot and online training programs all over the world. Best Flipkart training company. Top E-commerce flipkart training institute in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.



Flipkart Training In Rajkot With Certification

Benefits Of Flipkart Training 

  • Get more money for Flipkart sales.
  • You become an E-commerce specialist.
  • Reach a broad range of customers for your business.
  • You will be the owner of your business.
  • Your company can expand the market to nation & international with minimum investment.
  • Increase communication techniques & skills.
  • Learn for online marketing.
  • Learn Ads. and campaign creating.
  • Become an e-commerce sellers.
Ecommerce Training company

Best Flipkart Training Course Syllabus

  1. Process of Flipkart Selling.
  2. Selling Fees Management. 
  3. Manage Payment Method.
  4. Listing Processes of Flipkart.
  5. Communication Techniques. 
  6. eBay Provide Guarantees.
  7. Policies of eBay.
  8. Account & Health Management. 
  9. How to Become a Successful Seller?
  10. Strategic Thinking & Planning.
  11. SEO for Flipkart Marketing. 
  12. Ads. Campion run and create.
  13. Content Writing for Products.
  14. Flipkart Training & Development.
  15. Flipkart Training Course With Video.
  16. Location & Audience Targeting.
  17. Flipkart Login Process.
Online Ecommerce Course Rajkot Gujarat India
These topics cover the general skill and techniques of selling on the online platform.

Who is This For Top Flipkart Training ?

  • Entrepreneur.
  • Students 
  • Digital Marketers & Creator.
  • E-Commerce Managers & Director.
  • Current Online Stores Owners.
  • Manufacturing Business Owners.
  • Interested in Online Selling Platforms.
  • IT Filed Person When Their Interested In eBay Selling.

Learn The Art Of Selling On Online Platforms

We have been driving flipkart seller training in limited areas for the last 4 years. More than 50 sellers have been trained during this period. We have improved our training methods to enhance your learning & training.

  • Webinars

We have been getting the majority of our Flipkart training through webinars over the past 6 months. Recently, webinars are being conducted with subject experts from flipkart e-commerce. who can immediately resolve your doubts and provide tips and tricks to improve or build up your business? The majority of students coming in webinars and we have taken.

  • Smart Learn

We provide our self‐paced learning platform, Smartly Learn with a returns module. The response has been great with many students getting certified on Returns. They have also found our academy is helpful and easy to understand. With this in mind, we have launched three new modules Listings & Cataloging, mapping, and security & strategy. So, go to the students. Learning Center, get certified and improve your business.


  • SLP Service Banner:
  • SLP Service Excerpt:

To help you become trained at selling online. Register your business today to sell your products online on the Flipkart app.

Looking For Your Dream Career?

  • Expertrons offers you a platform for sales and marketing. We have provided Experts from top organizations and training, they will guide and prepare you for the interviews, internships or build up your own business. join our best Flipkart training and dream will be true.

We Want To Help People Have Successful Careers?

  • Your journey and training of being a success, career‐wise, will be an inspiration for everyone, who is looking to build a career. Share your experience and we wish to help thousands of students achieve success. Devweb Technology is e-commerce flipkart training courses provided.

Why should I sell on the Flipkart app?

  • Flipkart is the most important in Indian e‐commerce with maximum online reach and highest customer services are taken. With more than 11 crores of registered customers, More than 10 million daily page visits, and 81 lakh shipments every month, we are the strongest partner to take your products to customers all over India. Say about training company so you can join our Top Flipkart training course.

What is a listing?

  • Listing a piece of product information says to filling out and adding images of the product so that a customer can make a notified buying decision and we have known that the customer has an interest in the product.

How do I manage my orders on the Flipkart app?

  • Through our seller Screen slides and manage orders. You need to pack the order and keep it ready for posting within the time limit provided by you and inform us through the seller. This will alert our seller partner to take the product from you.
Anyone selling new and smart products so welcome to our academy. Minimum of 1 unique product to sell on Flipkart.

Course details

 Name of the course:     E-commerce Flipkart Training Course

 Duration of the course:   Minimum 16 days & Maximum Unlimited Timing:  We are always available for your support.

 Timing for the course:  To know the timing please contact.

 Book Free Demo Class:  Contact Us Devweb Technology and Book Demo Class.

Call Us For Training : (M) 7016892290 or send us your message from contact

Call Now For Training Enquiry: +91 8866685598

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