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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Course Rajkot

Devweb Technology provides Instagram Marketing course Rajkot.Are you interested in getting ahead of your competition? Learn to take your Instagram marketing strategy to the next level. Social media and Internet users are tired of reading text – Instagram is an easy way to grab your audience’s attention. Did you know that the average user spends 257 minutes a month on Instagram – not missing out on this opportunity to appear to their customers. Enroll in our Instagram training course today!

instagram Marketing course Rajkot

Why You Should Learn Instagram Marketing Course?

Instagram is a major global platform that allows brands to cultivate their content, recruit new talent, showcase products and inspire audiences. It has more than 200 million monthly active users and the number keeps increasing every single month. The photo and video sharing app has rapidly transformed into a top social media network. This is great for spreading brand awareness and launching new products. 75% of Instagram users spend time for a brand on the platform. It is a great platform that allows businesses to advertise their brands, products and services in a user-friendly manner by building credibility and converting them into customers. It is one of the prime locations promoting visual content that brings maximum focus towards brands.

Why Instagram marketing use for business?

• It is one of the most popular sites with over 155 million monthly active users.                               

 •Customers can subscribe to pages curated by their friends and the brands they like.

•It has great functionality in which users can watch the most standard videos and images in the entire network and use keywords and hash tags.

•This app has simple editing features and allows viewers to change their images before sharing them openly.

•The maximum length of the video is 15 seconds so creativity is important.

•It allows sharing of pictures, videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr Foursquare and other networks via email. 

Instagram marketing Syllabus

How Brands Are Using Instagram 

  • Discover strategy models other brands are deploying
  • Learn about who uses the platform and what for
  • See examples of best practice from businesses
  • Understand why increasing reach matters to brands, and the downsides to being aware of

Understand Instagram For Your Brand

  • Evaluate your company and key competitor online footprints on Instagram and other social networks
  • Conduct competitor benchmarking to explore who is winning the race
  • Be prepared! Delve into your ‘asset bank’ to explore the potential set-up costs
  • Identify who in your organization will manage your brand in Instagram

Targeting The Right People

  • Agree objectives for Instagram using a recognised framework
  • Define your audience and build personas to accurately pinpoint the right audience
  • See how to choose relevant targeting and audience options

Instagram Content And Advertising Opportunities 

  • Build the scenes and prepare the stage to get started
  • Understand hashtag strategies in Instagram
  • Learn about the advertising options
  • Find out more on content guidelines; ad sizes and image standards and the text rule
  • See how to source content and build material that’s shared

Money And Measurement

  • A review of Instagram advertising costs
  • Explore the management tools to see results
  • Measurement and integration with other channels

Developing Your Action Plan

  • Hints and tips for better ads
  • Build your ad using Facebook’s Power Editor
  • Create your 90 day action plan

  Course details

 Name of the course:     Instagram Marketing | Social Media Marketing

 Duration of the course:   Minimum 7 days & Maximum Unlimited Timing:  We are always available for support

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