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PPC Advertising Google-AdWords Certification Course

google-adwords course Rajkot

It is best to use advertising to promote any product. Digital advertising is ahead in this too. In today’s time, Google is the No.1 website which is searched by people to fulfill their daily needs. This means you can reach more customers using Google. Google can help you with this. For this, you can learn our Google-Adwords Course Rajkot.

The Google AdWords certification program is a must-have for anyone who wants to get started with digital advertising. This course centers on covering every part linked to Google AdWords campaign management. This is an advanced program that starts with the basics and gradually advances the best technologies and tricks used by AdWords experts to manage ad campaigns.


best Google Adwords Course Rajkot

Who can learn this?

It is a myth that you must have an advanced level of computer knowledge to learn this course. Any person who is interested in this course or who has his own business and wants to increase it more quickly, then he can teach this course. We promise you that no matter how much you know about computers and Google, but still we will teach you this course very easily.

Any graduate or final year/semester pursuant in the following streams/degrees can apply – BE IT/Computers/EC), MCA, MSc (IT), PGDCA, BCA, Diploma. Interested beginners with other backgrounds who are serious about a google Adwords career may also apply.

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Whether you are a fresher, a working professional, or an entrepreneur willing to learn google AdWords, we provide the best Google Adwords training in Rajkot. Our comprehensive curriculum of Google Adwords includes the basics of internet & Adwords Fundamentals, Search Campaign Creation tools, Ad Copy Optimization& analysis, Google Analytics, Performance Metrics, Google Dynamic Ads, etc.


live project Training

Every Devweb technology batch gets to build a  live campaign on Google Adwords. This assures the training is perfect. Learn it from Google Partners. Access to live Adwords data so as to learn key metrics like SIS, Segment Data, Automation rules, Conversion data.

  Course details

 Name of the course:  Google adword course | marketing course

 Duration of the course:   Minimum one week :  We are always available for support

 Timing for the course:  To know the timing please click here

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