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Node.JS Training in Rajkot

Node.JS Training in Rajkot | Best Node.JS Course in Rajkot:

Devweb Technology is a leading IT Company which provides Best NodeJS Training in Rajkot. The company is known for it’s IT Services and IT Training since 2016. Node.JS Training course is designed by experts in such a way it makes students job ready for future.

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS Training, Best Node.JS Course at Devweb Technology.

Node.js is an open source server side JavaScript which runs on various platforms like Windows, Unix, Mac OS X, Linix, Unix etc. It allows you to run JavaScript code on the server, rather than just in the browser. Node.js provides a platform for developing scalable and high-performance network applications.
Traditionally, JavaScript was primarily used for client-side scripting in web browsers. Node.js extends JavaScript’s capabilities to the server-side, enabling developers to build web servers and network applications using JavaScript. This unification of client-side and server-side development with a single language provides benefits like code reuse, increased developer productivity, and improved performance. At Devweb Technology complete training of Node.JS is provided to interns.

Modules of Node.JS Training:

Our IT institute provides best Node.JS training in Rajkot. Our training course modules are designed in such a way that it imparts maximum practical knowledge to interns making them job ready for future. Node.JS Training in Rajkot at Best IT Company is completely based on live project.

  • Fundamentals

    • Overview of Node.js
    • Installing Node.js and npm
    • Basic concepts of Node.js

  •  Node.js Core Modules

    • fs (file system) module
    • http module
    • path module
    • events module
    • querystring module
    • url module

  •  Java Scipt

    • Understanding asynchronous programming
    • Callbacks
    • Promises
    • Async/await

  • Express.js Framework

    • Overview of Express.js
    • Creating a basic server
    • Handling HTTP requests
    • Routing
    • Middleware
    • Templating Engines
    • Error handling

  • Working with Databases in Node.js

    • Overview of databases
    • SQL vs NoSQL
    • MongoDB
    • Mongoose ORM

  • Node.js Security

    • Common security vulnerabilities
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • CSRF attacks
    • Helmet.js

  • Testing Node.js Applications

    • Overview of testing
    • Unit testing with Mocha and Chai
    • Integration testing with Supertest

  • Deployment

    • Overview of deployment options
    • Heroku
    • renderer
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Is Node.JS Training Worth Investment?

Node.js has gained significant popularity in recent years and is widely adopted by companies for server-side development. Its event-driven, non-blocking architecture makes it well-suited for building scalable and high-performance applications. The demand for Node.js developers remains strong, and having Node.js skills can enhance your job prospects in the software development industry. Devweb Technology provides Best Node.JS Training in Rajkot and it’s training course is designed in such a way that it makes students job ready for future.

Node.JS Training, Best Node.JS Course at Devweb Technology.

Reasons for why one should opt for Node.JS Training at Devweb Technology?

Node.JS Training, Best Node.JS Course at Devweb Technology.
Node.JS Training, Best Node.JS Course at Devweb Technology.
  •  Node.JS is widely adopted by companies, and there is a demand for skilled Node.js developers. If you are interested in pursuing a career in web development, particularly on the server-side, having Node.js training at Devweb Technology can open up job opportunities and enhance your employability.
  • Node.js uses JavaScript, which is already a popular language for front-end web development. Training in Node.JS allows you to leverage your existing JavaScript knowledge and apply it to the server-side, creating a consistent programming experience. This can streamline your development workflow and make it easier to work on both client-side and server-side components of web applications.
  • If you have a personal interest in JavaScript or enjoy working with JavaScript, Node.JS Training in Rajkot at Devweb Technology can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. It enables you to explore server-side development and build full-stack applications using a language you are already familiar with.

Benefits of Node.JS Training at Devweb Technology:

  • Knowledge of latest development on Node.JS.
  • Practical Knowledge covering Software Engineering Methodologies.
  • Knowledge of Validation & testing
  • Extreme Coding Experience.
  • Certificate from Company.
  • Pure Working Experience with Senior Developers.
  • Proper coding methods & Standards of programming.
  • Manual Testing & Bug Solving Capacity during Node.JS web development.
  • How to host website & configure server.
Node.JS Training, Best Node.JS Course at Devweb Technology.

Node.JS Training in Rajkot Course Details:

Node.JS Training, Best Node.JS Course at Devweb Technology.

Name of the course:     Node.JS Training Course | Web Development Course

Duration of the course:   Minimum 45 days & Maximum Unlimited Timing:  We are always available for support.

Timing for the course:  To know the timing please click here.

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